Referral Partners

Share our brand with other business owners and earn revenue.

Do you or your company sell a product or service business to business (B2B)?

Or do you have relationships with business owners? Are you maximizing the return you could get by "upselling", "cross selling", or "packaging" a merchant account during or after your core business product or service sale?

By joining the USB Payment Processing Referral Partner Program you earn revenue from merchants you refer to accept credit cards.

Being a partner also means you can leverage over 100 years of management staff experience in the merchant services industry. You can work with a company who is local and who provides best in class customer service. You can also leverage your existing business owner relationships without get involved in selling merchant services.

We do all the work in selling the accounts and then provide you with full accountability. Whatever level of involvement fits for you, let’s explore how adding a merchant account to your core offering can generate sizable revenue for your organization.


Value Added Reseller

Earn revenue by integrating our payment processing products with your technology.

Great Service, Reliable Transactions, and Free Marketing

USB Payment Processing has served the Mid-Atlantic market since 1996, and we have made the purchasing experience faster, convenient, and reliable. We’ve built our reputation on service which extends to our Value Added Reseller partners. We are committed to going above and beyond to make things easy, with hands-on support during implementation and ongoing to capitalize on sales opportunities.

If a customer has an interest in our products, partners can rely on us to serve as the subject matter experts. Our marketing department provides strategic and creative support to help create demand.

 Our core competency is payment processing, but we're always expanding our technology for our partners and merchant clients. We offer integrated solutions, like our Open Source Payment Gateway, for VAR/POS developers like yours who want to provide proven, customized solutions that enhance your products and service.