Transaction Express: Retail Benefits

Transaction Express is our Virtual Terminal.  It can be accessed from any computer with internet access.

Imagine a payment processing system that lets merchants accept credit cards and signature debit cards and process ACH payments – all through any Internet connection, with no terminal needed. With Transaction Express™, you don't need to imagine it – you can have it today.

It puts control of business payment acceptance into merchants’ hands, wherever they are – in a store, at their office, at home. And no matter how you access the Internet – desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone – merchants have the power to help grow their business right at their fingertips.

 With Transaction Express, there is no need for extra equipment and allows for multiple users. Transaction Express helps with client retention by using recurring billing/payment plans. It is best for retail, e-commerce, mail orders, utilities, and phone orders.  


Features Include:

-Payment processing via any device with Internet connection

-Credit and ACH payment methods supported

-Multiple Users

-Advanced Reporting

-Mobile Payments

-Email Receipts

-Swipe or keyed in

-Recurring Billing

-Online Pay Now Button

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